Students Join “Occupy” Protests Around the Country

New York’s growing Occupy Wall Street movement has spread across the country, and students are attending rallies and even facing arrest. NGJ’s Christopher Carter and Alex Vincent report from one such rally in Seattle’s Westlake. READ IT @ NGJ 

NextGen Journal’s First Birthday!

Exactly one year ago, we launched At the time, we had a very small team and only a vague idea of what we were trying to do. One year later, our team now numbers over 100 people from nearly 60 schools across the country. We’ve formed partnerships with a variety of organizations, from USA Today College to Rock the Vote. We’ve dramatically expanded our presence online and on college campuses, and begun to make progress towards our long-term goals.

Yet as far as we’ve come, we have an even longer way to go to accomplish our core objective: bringing the voices of ‘the next generation’-our generation- into the national conversation. The next year is all about accomplishing that goal. Stay tuned.

Check out a collection of the year’s best pieces @ NextGen Journal’s website

The Risky Student Loan Industry

Default, an upcoming PBS documentary on student loans, paints a dreary picture of the challenges that students and former students face. NGJ’s Christopher Carter was given a chance to screen the film-he reports on the risky industry.


The Forum: Palestine and the United Nations

Join the conversation on Palestine & the UN at NextGen Journal.

The Execution of Troy Davis

In her Voices piece, Adrienne Edwards hopes that the Troy Davis case will “stir a new level of activism in progressive thinkers.” 

In News & Politics, Megan Ruth writes about how the debate over capital punishment is moving back to center stage.

"While capital punishment used to be supported by a majority of Americans, recent polls show that the tables are turning. …Though Davis’ life was not spared, this case has become a platform that opponents of the death penalty will refer to for many years to come."

Want to Solve Political Gridlock? Turn Every Politican into Grover Cleveland

Tired of the bickering in Washington, D.C.? Mike Trivella thinks maybe we could take a hint from Cleveland—the President, not the city. READ MORE @ NGJ

Ron Paul vs. Real Life

NextGen’s Kevin Sullivan delves into the media’s effort to ignore Ron Paul, wondering whether the candidate’s online support will translate into actual votes. READ IT @ NGJ

Super Sad True Debt Story

While Standard & Poor’s certainly didn’t downgrade the country’s credit rating to RED++IMMINENT DANGER last Friday, the fall from AAA to AA+ proved a psychological blow to the nation.

NGJ’s Heather Regen on how Congress is nudging America towards Shteyngart’s chilling dystopia.  READ IT @ NGJ

Though his singing leaves much to be desired, NextGen’s Elliot Mandel took to the guitar to vent about the U.S. Congress.

Next time, we’ll make him write a proper article.

Voices of our Generation: The Debt Debate

In less than one week, the United States of America will reach its debt ceiling. Our generation will probably be affected by the outcome of these negotiations more than any other. Our future is on the line—so is the job market we will enter, and so are the deficits we will inherit.

And yet politicians and pundits don’t hesitate to invoke the “next generation” or “our children” when it serves their goals. It happens all too often. Over the last week alone, we’ve seen it from just about every leader in Washington.

But it’s rare to actually see the opinions, thoughts, and priorities of “the next generation”—our generation—included in the national conversation. That’s what we aim to do with NextGen Journal—and there’s no more important time than right now.

We’re ready for our leaders to lead. We’re sick of empty rhetoric. Rather than simply citing “the next generation” whenever they want to make a point, we’d like for them to actually listen to “the next generation”–-our generation–-when we tell them to get their act together.


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